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Artist Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
Artist Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery

Richa is a passionate artist painting her world from the heart of New Jersey. From a young age, she displayed a strong interest in art and painting, nurtured by her father's loving guidance. Her childhood was filled with the joy of creating small art and craft projects, laying the foundation for her artistic journey.

Transitioning into adulthood, Richa's love for painting only grew stronger. While she had been painting for many years, it wasn't until 2020 that she formally embarked on her journey as a full-time professional artist. Since then, it's been an incredible ride for Richa, filled with growth, exploration, and artistic discovery.

Richa's paintings are a reflection of her emotions, feelings, moods, and life experiences. Inspired by nature and the beauty of everyday life, her artwork captures the essence of the world around her.

She creates abstract, modern, contemporary, and folk art using acrylics and watercolor. Painting every single day brings her immense joy and fulfillment. For Richa, daily art practice is an essential part of her life, allowing her to express herself in pure, evocative, and sensitive ways.

Experimentation is key to Richa's artistic process. She loves to explore different materials, techniques, and styles, refusing to confine herself to any particular genre. Instead, she embraces the freedom to experiment and develop her own unique voice.

Richa has undertaken commissioned paintings for private individuals and collaborated with companies on bespoke artworks. Her creations have traveled far and wide, finding homes in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom,Netherlands, India, and Australia.

As a full-time contemporary abstract artist, Richa considers herself fortunate to live her passion every single day. Through her vibrant colors and boundless creativity, she expresses her character and leaves an indelible mark on the world of art.

Welcome to Richa's artistic world, where creativity knows no bounds!

Artist at work, Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
Artist at work, Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
Work in Progress Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
Work in Progress Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
WIP Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery
WIP Richa Rashmi- Richa Gallery

Artist Statement

Art is a way for me to connect with my inner self. My best art is created when I am in my meditative flow. The origin of my art is spiritual, raw, honest and vulnerable, & expresses an exploration of life, self and the meaningful connections that exist as a part of being in an interconnected world.


Richa Rashmi's achievement Richa Gallery
Richa Rashmi's achievement Richa Gallery
  • 2024 April "It's not easy being green" Northern Contemporary Toronto Canada.

  • 2024 April featured in Artistcloseup Magazine

  • 2024 February featured in Bleucalf Magazine Vol5

  • 2023 October “Off the Wall Affordable Art” Westwindsor Art Council NJ

  • Show2023 October “A Return to Art” Montgomery Art Council NJ

  • 2023 October featured in NJ magazine

  • 2023 October “Whispers of Tradition” Montgomery NJ

  • 2023 September “Kendra” The Center of Contemporary Art Bedminster NJ

  • 2023 August “Close to Home” Oil, Sculpture & Mixed Media Exhibition by Alfa Art Gallery NJ

  • 2023 August featured Artist in “Art in the Park” Art Fair Oakville, Ontario Canada

  • 2023 July - 2024 January representing by Gallea Gallery Toronto, Canada

  • 2023 May “NYContemporary Art Fair” by Startshows at OneArt Space, Tribeca, NYC

  • 2023 April Solo Show “Beauty Within Life” at Manville NJ

  • 2023 March “The Barber Show” by Startshows at Manhattan NYC

  • 2023 March Featured in Blog “Respect The Artist”

  • 2023 March “Vision of Spring” Woman’s Work Art NY

  • 2023 March “Seventh International Women’s Day Art Exhibition” by One Art Space Gallery, NYC

  • 2023 March Solo Show “Happiness All Around” at Bridgewater NJ

  • 2023 February “Haus of Art” Group Show Long Island City NY

  • 2023 January “NEW YOU” Exhibitions by Startshows at OneArt Space, Tribeca, NYC

  • 2021 Virtual Art at “Art We” Toronto Canada.

  • 2020 Virtual Art at “Art We” Toronto Canada.